it’s brown, it’s blue, it’ll rip your ears off!

I’ve got a story for you guys.

I wanted one of those Bluetooth boomboxes, so I looked around in ships’n’shops and i thought “c’mon, those damn things look all the same, don’t they? And they are all plasticky-cheapo-asso! and darn expensive too…”


Ok kids, i will tell you, BUT PROMISE you won’t tell anyone. I’ve built my own… come with me and i’ll show you how… shoosh…

K, now, srsly, i had one of these Toshiba Mini 3D Soundbars lying around:

Toshiba Boombox

Boom boom baby!

Nice product, it actually sounds really good for the price and it packs 4 lil’spiakers and a Woof-Woof-Woofer for a total 90W RMS powah, beotches. Sweet. I endorse it. HARD.

Guess what? i hacked it apart. Meh.

Than what? then i got me a good old mini guitar amp and retrofitted the Bluetooth powered boobmox into it’s new bodeeeey baybe. Pics follow dawgs!


Such bewm!

Well, was it easy? let’s see…

Numba ein: Taik teh interiors out, take all the measurements and think it over and over very hard… then rebuild a wooden support that will house the speakers.

boots and cats

the lower ones are slightly slanted outwards

The back should look like this:

I'll be back

top speakers enclosures already mounted

So, are you still with me? here comes the fun part, G i – O – E l E c T r O aka fitting the fuc*ing electronics and soldering it all back in the overly-manly wooden box. such box.

That thing was huge and tricky

That thing was huge and tricky

And after all that soldering and toxic fume inhaling…

2013-06-29 16.33.32

the buttons weresoldered and doubled on the back

the buttons were soldered and wire-doubled on the back of the box

the inputs shoved in the lower back, all the puns ARE intended btw

the inputs and my VW Beetle’s pretty eye awwwwww cuuuuuuuuute…

Almost forgot, now it has an analog 3,5 jack input, a Digital Optical input, a Digitl Coaxial and an L/R analog too. plus Bluetooth. kacheeng!

What else now, lemme see… ow, the “push it in, push it in real good” part:

squeeze the bun hun!

squeeze the bun hun!

backlid closed, cheap finish FTW!

backlid closed, cheap buttons FTW!

Ack! placing the infrared sensor in the old input jack hole got me feeling dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty:

I forgot the hidden infrared sensor!


Gotta tell you guys, took me some hours but well worth it:

birds luv it!
birds luv it!
plants luv it too!

plants luv it too!

and it has a remote! woah! well, a cheap one but woah anyway, mmmkay?

re-e-e-mote when the crowd say BO-SELEECTA... i am getting old.

re-e-e-mote when the crowd say BO-SELEECTA anyone?

Gotta be honest, at the end of the day I am really satisfied by the new toy. Sounds good, looks good, just like me. AWWWWW YEEEAH!

the prints of Bel Air


Hack it guys, hack it hard! HACK IT GOOD!